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My name I go by is, perhaps, Dark Pink, but I have many names that I go by, some secret, but others not so much. I must confess that I found the Tarot to be fascinating when I first explored the notion of whether divination was a possibility within the universe we lived in. I found that it seemed to be, and off and on throughout my life I kept returning to the Tarot as the main form of divination, since it works well for me.

There are many interesting ideas (some call them secrets) that are embedded in the Tarot, but a basic understanding of the more...imaginative classical philosophers, a smattering of Eastern philosophy, as well as some basics of modern psychology helped me see some of its mysteries. The Tarot is above all a repository of symbols that points to the action of the animated desires that work upon the querent's universe. It is difficult to just jump into this world; every bit of understanding that one gains adds to self-knowledge and unlocks more of the Tarot. The Tarot itself seems to act as both a mirror and a telescope into time, which makes it one of the most valuable keys into my internal and external world.

As for my own life, I am a middle-class, reclusive man who lives in the USA. I have much free time, and I enjoy writing, web design, digital art, creating music (especially of the more "experimental" sort), and video games (especially the older ones). I listen to many types of music, but I like noise (yes, noise), classical, and jazz quite a bit.

I desire a world where we have a future that isn't horrible, and often find myself at odds with the one we currently live in. I have regrets, and wish I had the understanding I have as an adult when I was an adolescent, but who doesn't wish this?

As I grow as a person, the Tarot repeatedly gives me insight, and I wish to provide an easy way to tap into this with this site.